Clearing Ceremonies

We are called to walk beyond ourselves
To reach into the realms of magic
and dance the trails of the spirit.
To live within the song of the universe.
Barrie Brailsford

Over the last several years I have been called upon to clear houses, restaurants, and land of energies that are causing discomfort and disturbing people's lives. I am Lynley Frame, and I find I have developed abilities to work with these energies.

My clairvoyant and clairaudient and my general sensibility enables me to feel and see many different levels of dimension. In my experience I often find there is more than one ‘story' that unfolds and therefore there is often more than one energy or spirit that is causing havoc to the occupants of the property or land.

My awareness starts when the client first makes contact with me often by phone. I start to receive pictures that begin to unfold a ‘story' that will eventually make sense to me. This experience will continue until I attend the place of occupation.

Once there, I always set an intention or prayer of protection and once inside I will set out an altar or sacred space before I begin the clearing ceremony. I invite all of those who occupy this space to be present as each person, in my experience, has something to bring to this experience and they are always amazed at how much they learn.

Each experience has been a very different experience and I am always in awe and humbled with the outcome. It gives me great satisfaction to watch the relief in people's faces when they feel the difference a clearing ceremony makes to their lives and property.

Check out the CONTACT page if you would like me to visit and clear any unwelcome energies or presence in your space.


‘Thank you so much for all your help. We really appreciate your time and expertise. What an incredible gift you have'

Deb & Ants

‘We would like to express our sincere thanks for the assistance you gave us in understanding our past family and the insight into their history'.

Ron & Nolene