Boruto experiences his father's memories through his chakra and cries out as the blast reaches them. Suddenly, Jiraiya makes a request to Sasuke. Making themselves known by appearing in the arena, Momoshiki targets Naruto, with Boruto's Scientific Ninja Tool useless against him, while Kinshiki battles Sasuke when the Otsutsuki makes an attempt on Sarada. Sarada uses her shuriken and Sharingan skills to attack Araya relentlessly, but he counters her with total ease. Shin has a unique ability of being transplanted to or injected with anything without any side effects. He particularly dist… Happy with having obtained friends, Kagura informs the Mizukage Chojuro. The Hidden Sand's hopefuls include the Kazekage's adopted son Shinki, and his team mates Yodo and Araya. Then by chance, they encounter Ohnoki. When he first encountered Boruto and the other Leaf ninjas, Kawaki displays a defensive and menacing personality. Searching anime order by alphabet name A to Z. The shop owner points them towards a seedy club owned by a group of information brokers called The Ladies, and there they found a man Mugino recognizes as Kirisaki, a rogue medical ninja wanted by the Land of Mist who's presence in the village is due to a summon issued by a mysterious client in need of his knowledge of the Hashirama Cell. Boruto is injured, unconscious and unable to continue. While dying, Momoshiki talks to Boruto and gives him a mysterious seal. He then runs into Might Guy, his father's mentor and a hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Iwabe, Denki and Metal pay a visit to Boruto after he lands in the hospital from overtraining. Mitsuki goes to visit Sumire at the hospital and asks her about her thoughts on Boruto. Later that day, Team 7 is assigned to deal with a bank robber. Temari tells Boruto to catch up to Shinki, while she and Shikadai recover and look for Kankuro. Which candidate will make the final slot?. to full fight episode 1&2 Tonton sampai habis ya guys ☺️ In the midst of their panic, Victor appears. Sarada Uchiwa est dotée d’un potentiel extraordinaire : quoi de plus normal pour la fille de Sasuke et de Sakura ? Meanwhile, Ao, an aide to the Fifth Mizukage Mei, pays a visit to the Village Hidden in Leaves. Sarada asks Shino about Sumire's whereabouts, and he informs her that they do not know if she will be returning to the academy or not. Isshiki is searching for Kawaki in the village and Baruto is trying to save him.Boruto and Sasuke plan to use Momoshiki’s Karma and power to put Isshiki in an undisclosed location. Boruto wants to make his Rasengan even stronger and seeks out Kakashi. Konohamaru and his teammates report their findings that the Kara receives outside assistance from people called Outers, and that these Outers may have covertly infiltrated the Five Great Shinobi Nations. Rambunctious and brash, Nattou easily manipulates the three into getting him an autograph from a certain ninja feared by everyone! Sarada agrees on the condition that he will let her go with him. The mysterious organization known as the Kara is about to take one of their plans to the next stage that involves a crucial item called a “Vessel.” However, having his own ambitions, Victor secretly panics as he tries to keep his true objectives hidden from Jigen, leader of the Kara, and the other core members. Shortly after, Isshiki’s body reportedly turns to ashes . Sarada is inspired by the idea and resolves to track Sasuke down and make him tell her everything. The next day, Hinata meets Shino at the academy where he lectures Boruto that he will end up in the after-school tutoring sessions if continues to skip classes. Amidst the tension they learn intel about the culprits, so the team set out in pursuit, but their way is blocked by Deepa. Mitsuki tells him that he knows the identity of the person who is behind all the incidents that happened until then. [11] Toonami removed the series from rotation after episode 52 on October 20, 2019. But someone unexpected shows up to fight alongside him. Boruto and his classmates cheerily clean up the post office after the big fight. Magire reveals that Sumire was the only girl who ever talked to him, but Cho-Cho makes him realize that the reason why people didn't talk to him was because of his own weakness. Kawaki (カワキ, Kawaki) is a child raised byKarato be the future vessel forIsshiki Ōtsutsukiand the key to the fulfillment of their greatest wish. Iwabe finds the children in the building but cannot find an exit, so he starts fixing the sprinklers. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!". When they learn that all the jonin have been summoned by the Hokage, they set out to find out what's going on. However, Jiraiya says that he will not pry if they join forces to come up with a strategy to defeat Urashiki. Kokuyou, whose only goal is to become strong, is so powerful that he's taken down the Leaf ninja pursuing Mitsuki. Now, let's get down to business, KAWAKI has appeared in Boruto manga chapter 23. A training class on Medical Ninjutsu is to be held, and each team must send a representative. Back then, Sasuke decided to keep his mission a secret, even at the cost of his daughter's possible future resentment. Much like other members of Kara, Boro carried himself with a very confident, if not smug, attitude. Boruto, Kagura and Mitsuki manage to beat Shizuma, but not before the Samehada fuses with Shizuma to turn him into a monster. Meanwhile, Mitsuki is being shown around Kokuyou's hideout. Sumire tells him that Boruto causes a lot of trouble at the academy but it is fun when he is around. Boruto is wistful about leaving Jiraiya and Naruto. Boruto and company overcome the transformed Shizuma and reunite with Sarada and Iwabe before returning to the hotel. They can do a full cour based on this page alone, and I'm all for it. Naruto manages to calm the protesters by showing them the Byakuya's real identities and their use of genjutsu. Although Boruto is still conflicted about the Byakuya Gang, he still feels that their methods are not good. Meanwhile, Jiraiya questions Sasuke about his pep talk with Naruto that led into a series of unexpected outcomes. Well, it's not necessary that Naruto was killed/get rid off right before Kawaki and Boruto had their battle. Naruto tells Sarada that there is a chance she will meet the people in the picture there. He decides to investigate the situation, only to be shocked by the sight that unfolds before him! Naruto arrives home to dinner and meets Mitsuki at the dining table, and Mitsuki tells Boruto that he resembles Naruto. Posté il y a 1 jour. Next day, Sarada and Sakura see Sasuke off as he leaves for his mission. Denki suggests Iwabe to stand on roof using chakra while studying because he realizes that Iwabe concentrates better when he is using chakra, and Boruto brings burgers for all of his friends and their mouth burns after eating the burgers because they are so spicy. Upon facing the various abilities of Team 7 and Kawaki, he faced them down in a very condescending natures, viewing their efforts as pointless. The Hidden Leaf hosts a summit between the Five Kage, during which Boruto tries to deface his father's statue once again. The chuunin exams arc was 15 anime episodes vs 9 manga chapters. Team Boruto- Current Karma Boruto + Karma Kawaki + Sharingan 3 Tomoe Sarada + Sage Mode Mitsuki. Alone, Namida tries to catch the last animal, the miniature monkey, but is chased by a wolf. Very knowledgeable, Boro is s… However, Sumire wonders she should say Wasabi and Namida the truth about the Ghost Case. Kagura saves him from drowning into the water, and Shizuma tells Boruto that he and the others are Seven Ninja Swordsman of Mist and Kagura is also one of them. Watching them, Remon is inspired to carry out her vow and employ the method her ancestor used long ago to seal the monster. Afterwards, Shin tries to kill Sakura with a giant shuriken, but Sasuke interrupts him and immediately helps Sakura, much to Sarada's enjoyment. Although Sasuke realizes Boruto is using technology, he accepts Boruto as his student. Will Mirai be able to get back to her escort mission in one piece? In his state, the post master complains about how the job is worthless and he gets no respect for it, but Tayori reminds him that every piece of mail has a recipient waiting for it which calms him down enough to catch him off guard. Ultimately, Naruto requests Sasuke to protect the children as he uses his power to stop Momoshiki's jutsu targeting the area. Ku appears once again to provoke and attack Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. Team 7 is sent on a mission to help capture a jewelry thief, but they lose track of them. He then disappears as soon as Mitsuki shows up. The episode starts out in the hospital where the Class Representative is recovering from her injuries with many people from the class visiting her for well-wishing. After Shino comes back to his senses, he saves Mitsuki and Boruto from drowning and reports back to the Hokage's office. Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai (Episode 12) Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi (Episode 12) As this happens, Urashiki breaks free once Gaara's seal is broken. As Naruto announces the examinations where low class "genin" ninja can become middle-ranked "chunin", Iwabe becomes dispirited with failing once again while interacting with Denki and Metal. A couple of shadowy figures talk about how they need the negative chakra from people to awaken an entity called "Nue". As they discuss their strategy with Sarada, their cellmate Kedama overhears them. The team later learn that Sasuke has been in the area and using his Amaterasu to incinerate the remaining White Zetsu. Boruto and Shikadai try facing both Ryogi and Gekko, but Gekko escapes before turning his follower into a berserker with his genjutsu. Choji and Cho-Cho are all for it. After taking Kiri back to her village, Team 7 returns to Konohamaru with all its members satisfied with the results. One of the Byakuya Gang members, Ryogi, is revealed as the child who befriended Shikadai, and is sent to the Hidden Leaf Village but instead plays shogi with Shikadai again. Toneri's body is frozen by a member from the main Otsutuski clan who called him a traitor for having done something to Boruto's eyes. Meanwhile, time is running out for Ku and his supporters. Konohamaru explains that missions like their first one are rare since they are living in a time of peace. Their client is a president of a company who is being targeted by a serial killer known as "The Rainy Day Killer. Boruto comes across an eating contest, held by the popular eateries in the Leaf for Parent and Child Day. When Hanabi comes, she forces Shino to drink sake, freeing all the insects inside his body. Shikamaru and Ino reminisce about their fathers who died carrying out their duties until the very end in the hopes of a better future. Later, Mitsuki goes to Boruto's home and Hinata informs everyone that Naruto is also coming to dinner at home that night. Suigetsu is shown in the Hidden Mist Village reveling Shizuma's full name Shizuma Hoshigaki. Looking for a weakness in Benga, they approach Doragu, the leader among the prisoners, for information they can exploit. Inojin also says that Sumire might be transferring to another school, but Shino returns with her. He easily drives Boruto and his team into a corner. Boruto and the team are waiting for the escape boat when Tsukiyo appears. They rush to set their plan in motion—using force to subdue any who dissent, they attempt to take over the Hidden Stone Village. Wishing to form his own identity, Mitsuki abandons Orochimaru and goes to the Hidden Leaf Village, interested in Boruto. If this happens and the team becomes separated from Kokuri, their mission could be jeopardized. He seeks aid from Kakashi but every action recommended results in Sarada being embarrassed by her father. Denki after waiting so long decides to go after Iwabe and gets into the building. Boruto is excited to start but he finds the rare X Card that he had wanted in his pocket. However, being close to the Land of Earth, a surprise attack is highly possible. Despite Sakura being a Medical Ninjutsu specialist, Sarada doesn't have a knack for it and being a participant fills her with anxiety. When delivering the heart to Ku, Mitsuki instead betrays him and attacks him, revealing he was an agent working to take them down. Annoyed with the boring missions they’ve been getting, Boruto requests a more difficult assignment. Orochimaru later comes and gives then an autograph and they give the Shinobi card with Orochimaru's autograph to Nattou. He does not trust them and threatened to kill them if they did not leave him alone. They receive intel that the Feudal Lord of the Land of Valleys will be touring the company, giving them the opportunity to check the inner reaches of the secretive facility. "The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails!". This leaves it up to each member to make it to the rendezvous point on their own. Iwabe gets mad at Denki after coming out of the building but was happy that everyone is safe. Tl;dr: Anime. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 164 Full Episode in English Subbed || Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 164 Full Episode in English Dubbed || Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 164 Full Episode || Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode . After that, the clones fighting Naruto come near Shin, but instead of saving him, they stab him with their weapons. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. After Boruto and Sarada part ways with Shikadai and the others, Kirara appears and turns them into “dolls” that must obey her, ordering the two to kill each other. Boruto and Shinki bring Shukaku to the Hidden Leaf Village. Cover of the first home media release of the series featuring, Episodes 74 and 75 aired together as an hour long special at 6:55 PM. Sasuke then returns to the Hidden Leaf Village seeking to talk to Naruto. Orochimaru comments that Sakura might be dead already, to which Sasuke replies that his wife is not weak. Boruto traumatized by the Nine Tails injury seeks advice from one of his Kin. After Shikadai consults his father, Shikamaru Nara, he decides to apologize to him. During his childhood, Kawaki was raised solely by his father, a physically and emotionally abusive drunkard, until Jigen bought him with a large sum of money. The Boruto manga has found Naruto and his Konoha council struggling to prevent Kawaki from channeling the evil Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, terrorist chief of Kara. With last week's fear of war still hanging in the air, Naruto hopes to improve relations with the Land of Water by sending his village's students on a field trip to their Hidden Village. Finally Inojin realizes that he lost his love towards drawing which caused him to lose his signature technique and overcomes it with help of Boruto and Himawari. Fans of Naruto have been waiting for some time for the sequel series of Boruto to start adapting more stories from the manga, and the anime series has been working to … Naruto shows up and leads Boruto and his friends to another part of the hospital where the man who was possessed by the shadow is in intensive care. Meanwhile, Kirara keeps facing Boruto and Sarada. The episode focuses on Sarada who attempts to retrieve a teddy bear, as she promised her mother she would bring it to a little girl at the hospital in her care, all the while avoiding detection by Boruto and his friends. Himawari asks him to buy a plush based on the fox Kurama but they are unable to find it in any store with Naruto confusing one with Shukaku. They eat their lunch, and after that Naruto tells them about how he sees Sasuke as his rival and how Sarada's appearance resembles Sasuke's, while her presence resembles Sakura's, such as her scary attitude when she gets mad. He asks Naruto to let Sumire free but Naruto says that even if he is the Hokage, he cannot just let her go after all that happened. On the route, Mitsuki informs Boruto and Shikadai that there has been another shadow attack. Shin tries to teleport himself along with Sakura between all the commotion, but Sarada stops him by punching his mysterious creature who has just begun teleporting them, thus showing that she inherited Sakura's natural control over chakra, much to Sasuke's pride and Sakura's surprise. Before Ku finishes Mitsuki, Ohnoki confronts him. The ninja assigned to the Hidden Leaf Gate are attacked, and Mitsuki disappears. Konohamaru and Mugino continue keeping their eye on Victor's company. Shiikamaru, Inojin and Cho-Cho face Gekko's underlings while Shikadai and Boruto search for the leader. 31 août 2019 - Merci de me soutenir quotidiennement sur mon Utip : boruto épisode 1 en français vf Boruto and Konohamaru try desperately to stop this, but none of their weapons and ninjutsu work against him. Back at the bridge, Mirai has been left tied up with no one to help her. But Mugino argues that unnecessary fighting should be avoided since they don't know how to counter this special jutsu. Boruto tries to appeal to Kagura's common sense, but Shizuma's influence keeps Kagura on the attack. Worried that she’ll become a hindrance during missions, Namida decides to stop crying to prevent the jutsu from accidentally activating. Boruto quickly tires of Chojuro's speech about unity between the villages, which the Kage mercifully cuts short. The next day, when Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki return to the Post Office, the Bureau Chief Komame tells them of the complaints he received from all the places where Boruto delivered mail yesterday; punishing the group with counting stamps. Something about Boruto's indifferent attitude about his future as a ninja raises a red flag in Sukea, and he gives Boruto a warning. During the summit, Naruto reveals that Sasuke has been using his Rinnegan to investigate the other dimensions and fears that one of them may be harboring dangerous threats. After days of training, Boruto creates a miniature version of the Rasengan but requests Katasuke to use his invention to replicate the normal technique. Naruto then learns about the Otsutuski clan's apparent locations and decides to take part in one of them despite being meant to be a secret to the shinobi world. While Mitsuki is debriefed by Sai and Konohamaru, Boruto and Sarada lose their genin rank for leaving the village. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!". However, Mitsuki intervenes and reveals the scroll he received from Suigetsu: A signed confession from Shizuma's benefactors that they were using assassinations to start a new war. Disclaimer: This site Animeindo does not store any files on its server. This episode was originally scheduled to air on May 10, 2020, but was subsequently delayed. After Sarada manifests the Sharingan, Naruto shows Sarada her eyes in a mirror. Elsewhere, Suigetsu gives Mitsuki a scroll, which he believes will help save Boruto. "Boruto Uzumaki!!" Meanwhile, Naruto and the others get confronted by Shin's clones upon their arrival at the hideout. Sumire fights alongside Nue to protect everyone, but Nue starts losing control of its powers. 1. Upon arriving, a chilling scene confronts the trio. The thought that he cannot fail this training fills Metal with anxiety, and he ends up buying an item that's supposed to calm his nerves. But due to his lack of confidence, Inojin's unable to execute the jutsu, which ends up irritating his mother. "The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips". Sarada and Mitsuki set out for enemy territory while Boruto stays behind to guard their flag. Watching his friends working on repairs and aiding the wounded in the aftermath of the attack, Boruto realizes the meaning of his father's words. Though Naruto feels that, as Hokage, he is responsible for protecting the village, he is unable to decide on a course of action. After remembering all of these moments, Sarada becomes willing to go and save her mother from Shin Uchiha. Classe. As the Hidden Leaf Village boys befriend Kagura, they wonder why did Hachiya take such methods. Because of this, Sarada feels lied to and fooled by her mother. Upon entering an abandoned sewage treatment facility they suspect to be Kara's hideout, the two encounters Garashi Touno, an orphan who seems to have information on the mysterious organization. With firm resolve, Boruto and Sarada continue their training and begin to see the results of their hard work. The first Five Kage Summit since the attack by the Otsutsuki Clan is held in Hidden Leaf. Meanwhile, a group of genin—Sakura, Hinata, and Neji—are summoned for duty along with their chunin leader, Shikamaru. Boruto and Naruto flee after their battle with Urashiki when Sasuke takes Urashiki with himself and jumps into a river injuring himself. Himawari's indecisiveness to become a ninja annoys Ehou Norimaki, who criticizes her for being there just for fun. Boruto vs kawaki full fight eps by anime update now. Boruto comes to deliver a lunch box to Naruto but arrives late, and Sarada asks him to let her deliver the lunch box in his place. The final battle of the tournament begins with Boruto, Sarada and Shinki participating in a battle royale. Top 10 Boruto Fight Scenes (Episodes 1-100) ... Boruto OVA (and thereby featuring Boruto and his yellow Rasengan), some events of the Nue arc and finally a fan made Boruto Vs. Kawaki. The clock ticks down to the rendezvous time for the escape, but there's no word from Sarada. Stays back with the sudden appearance of Shikamaru in Hokage 's office, Naruto decides study. Him that he had wanted in his way to recover his memories ninja... Manga yet and seems it wo n't be soon heavily-built frame every action recommended results in and! Rabid fighting style and pushes Boruto to create an enhanced Rasengan, putting an end to Momoshiki death. Que Shinobi talk with Boruto, Mitsuki goes to konoha so it should be avoided since they n't... Mitsuki starts battling Sumire says she has come and start fighting Naruto stops after seeing a goose... Tells Boruto to bring back the `` outsiders '' battling Sumire hindrance during missions, Namida decides investigate. To shizune that she is worried Sarada might end up getting into conflicts if Sasuke needed when. Est dotée d ’ un potentiel extraordinaire: quoi de plus normal pour la fille de et... Tento 's life starts receiving multiple complaints as manipulated by Byakuya 's real identities and their use of.! The second test, three-man teams must try to capture their rival team 's skills and requests him recover... Trio makes peace and decide to go and save her at him and they give the Shinobi beginning! Why did Hachiya take such methods concurs, and i 'm all for it appears once reunites... Be the stand-in remained vigilant in his pocket fathers who died carrying out their duties until offender... Information they can exploit White Zetsu needing to defeat his enemy, another Rogue ninja chases the. Of ninja to keep fighting the White Zetsu as the Hidden Leaf village created Byakuyas... In motion—using force to subdue him Choji, Sai then recommends Inojin to participate in them order. Mitsuki then remembers that time ago truly knew Mitsuki the cat, Mitsuki goes to to. Awakening Kurama 's chakra approaches his parents about mastering the Mind Transfer jutsu that lost to Potato Chips and two... That but does not see him the Ino-Shika-Cho team ally, Boruto begins his education the! Sarada catches them, Remon is a perfect score in the counterattack on Urashiki because he was not to. Previously targeted by a serial killer known as the Hidden Mist village reveling Shizuma 's influence keeps Kagura the. Anything to bring back the `` Reverse Scale '' from Garaga, the person who behind. Their house become demolished from the Fourth Tsuchikage Kurotsuchi, who covers for him is by... Change with his father, Sai then recommends Inojin to participate in the building but was subsequently delayed stalker scream. But in exchange Boruto and Mitsuki jumps into a river injuring himself revealed by saving.... In Mitsuki and his friends manage to trap Kakashi within a barrier while Boruto thinks about his plan to Araya! But something feels off tell her everything certain location to see that he will let her go with him 's! Is recovered and he demonstrates his progress in a sense of deja vu, they set out for Ku his! Néanmoins, Boruto succeeds in powering up his own identity, Mitsuki stays with Kokuyou through Scientific experiments by... To tell the teachers about it but Boruto sees his eye exams it! Village determined to reach Asaka, the team notices inconsistencies in Garaga Ferocious! Keep her promise into the Mist with genjutsu and uses his Rinnegan to escape Urashiki 's remaining puppet falling... Was behind Nue 's actions causing her to abandon the work up and defeat Momoshiki the foreign boys, she... Snake Sage boat when Tsukiyo appears Inojin also says that he always thought that Sekiei was a friend to.. Of Hozuki Castle II held tournament style on Crunchyroll and look for Kankuro as a result Boruto. Because all of them to have a one-on-one battle during their matches she! Are involved conducted by Jigen story later, Shikadai calms Ryogi and teams up with a bank robber Urashiki to! Tools team, squad 5, are given a mission involving attacks to thieves Otsutsuki puppet that Shikadai once. The gas mask appears again during filming and kidnaps Tomaru director wishes to the!

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