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We are spirit
We travel the wonder of this physical realm in spirit
that we might know the power of love and loving
of wisdom joined,
and learn to walk the trails of compassion.
That is our path,
The journey of the one-hearted people,
Barry Brailsford

Reiki is a Japanese form of natural vibrational healing, using ancient healing techniques to help build more personal energy, vitality, resilience and better health. Reiki is recognised today as a valuable self-help aid. The first level of Reiki can be learned by anyone and used daily to help bring the body, mind and spirit back into harmony.

What does a Reiki session involve?

A Reiki treatment is a passive experience as the energy flows according to the needs of the receiver. Recipients are fully clothed and can receive their treatment lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair – whatever is most comfortable. Hands will be lightly placed in various non-intrusive positions on your body.

Reiki compliments conventional medical treatments.

Personal treatments
1 hour duration

Treatments are available both in my clinic room in Mt Wellington, Auckland or in your own home, hospice or hospital. See the Contact Page for details.

Some common client comments after a treatment

‘I slept through the night for the first time in ages'

‘I had so much more energy the next day'

‘My pain levels dropped significantly'

‘Reiki makes me feel nurtured and peaceful'

Learn Reiki over a weekend

I invite you to experience my weekend training. There are four levels of Reiki training available for Adults. I also take one day Teenage and Kids Reiki Classes. Reiki will open many doors to your life.

Check out the Reiki Classes page for current Reiki Class dates with Lynley

Testimonials for my training

‘Lynley is an amazing teacher with much insight, introit and intuition'.

‘I am greatly empowered by the weekend, almost a different person'

‘A wonderful weekend experience that was humbling and very empowering'

My personal details

My name is Lynley Frame I started my Reiki training in early 1995.

I have been teaching Reiki for the last seven years and hold a monthly support group for Reiki trainees.

My background is general nursing and counselling, with experience of other healing modalities.

My reiki experience is working with parents and children at the Child Cancer Foundation, offering both treatments and training.

And I also work with the Sweet Louise Trust offering reiki treatments to women with metastatic breast cancer.